At Budget Driving School, we offer tailored Behind-The-Wheel training in the Imperial Valley for teenagers and adults with a valid California Learners Permit


The California DMV requires that student drivers under the age of 17 1/2 complete 6-hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction to obtain their driver’s license. The lessons consist of three – two hour drives with a licensed driving instructor. With us, student drivers get one-on-one instruction from an experienced and profession DMV certified instructor.

We spread three lessons out over the six-month period so that we can monitor each student’s progress. Our instructors will communicate with students and parents of teens, if they feel the student is not ready or needs more practice.

We have taught thousands of students since 2002 and above 95% of our students pass the DMV license test their first time.

We understand that quality education and training are key to developing safe student drivers and we look forward to helping your child learn to be a safe, confident, and prepared driver.

California DMV does not require student drivers (18+) seeking their license to take Behind-the-Wheel instruction. However, we recommend student drivers at any age to learn from a licensed professional before taking the road on alone. We offer one-on-one instruction for adults who want to better prepare themselves to pass their DMV test and be safe on the road.


Overview for Teens

The student should be familiar with your car before he/she begins this lesson (adjusting their seat and mirrors, knowing the gauges, hand signals, etc). 
On this lesson, we will concentrate on city driving. Some of the things taught in this lesson include the five steps of scanning, full stops, space cushion, changing lanes, maintaining speed, signs, lines, signals, pedestrian laws, unprotected turns, parking, backing up, U-turns, and knowing how and when to get in and out of heavy city traffic with confidence. After this lesson it will take about 20 hours of practice in the city, for the average student to perfect these skills. The student should be able to get in and out of heavy city traffic before they call for their 2nd drive session. 
To avoid an extra payment for another drive lesson, please make sure the student has mastered these driving skills before calling.

Our second drive will be a little intense if the student is still not getting in and out of heavy city traffic well. By this lesson, the five steps of scanning should be a habit. The student will learn how to merge into traffic on the freeway at freeway speed, when to signal when entering, exiting and passing. We will be driving highways and freeways as well as preparing them for their drive test. The student will learn how to pass on a two-lane highway and on the freeway. They will learn how to maintain a steady speed, when to slow down, when to speed up, and what to watch for. 

This will also require hours of practice with you. The student should be able to drive well in city traffic, as well as on the freeways before calling for his/her 3rd drive session. 

To avoid an extra payment for another drive lesson, please make sure the student has mastered these driving skills before calling.

This lesson should be scheduled as close to the sixth month mark as possible. Remember, the permit is valid for one full year. If you do not feel comfortable driving with your child, he/she is not ready to be driving on their own! It is also better to be safe than sorry, allow as much time as you feel necessary before getting your child’s driver’s license. 

By this lesson, the student should have 50 hours of practice, 10 of those hours have to be nighttime. Remember, this is approximately 2000 miles of driving. (FYI: 50hrs. at only 25 mph = 1250 miles) 

On this lesson, students will take a 30-minute test with our driving instructor. The student should not need to be reminded about scanning, making full stops, maintaining correct speed, obeying signs and signals, pedestrian laws, etc. The student must be able to change lanes, make smooth turns, park, back up straight without weaving, and enter and exit the freeway, with confidence and ease. By this lesson the student should also be able to recognize potential dangers around them. The student should be ready to take quick evasive action in all situations. They should know and obey the rules of the road and be mature enough to accept the responsibility that comes with driving a vehicle. 

To avoid an extra payment for another drive lesson, please make sure your child has mastered these driving skills before calling. 

Upon successful completion of his/her last driving session, the student will receive a certificate of completion for Behind-the-Wheel training and will be able to go to the DMV to get their license

Overview for Adults


Adult Drivers who have experience driving but need a little work in order to pass their DMV test and be safe on the road.

  • Two (2), individual one (1) hour lesson of behind the wheel instruction


Adult Drivers who are struggling with road awareness, speed maintenance, and general rules of the road.

  • Four (4), individual one (1) hour lessons of behind the wheel instruction


Adult Drivers who are new to driving and will be developing driving mechanics and learning all things needed to share the road.

  • Six (6), individual one (1) hour lessons of behind the wheel instruction

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Frequently Asked Questions

When I obtain my Learner's Permit, is it legal for me to begin driving right away?

Before driving, you must first take one behind-the-wheel lesson with a professional driving instructor. There, they will sign and validate your permit.

Do my parents or guardians always have to be with me when I drive?

You may drive with anyone who is 25 years of age or older, with a valid California license only with your parents’ permission

Is it okay to drive with my learner's permit in another state or country?

Each state and country has their own laws about this. Check local regulations before driving outside of California with a permit.

With my learner's permit, can I drive with my friends in the car?

Yes, as long as you have someone with you who is 25 years of age or older with a valid California driver’s license.

Is it okay to drive with a learner's permit after dark?

You may drive anytime day or night as long as you have a licensed driver 25 years of age or older with you.

When Driving with my Learner's Permit, what is required by my licensed supervisor?

The licensed driver must be in the front seat of the vehicle, sober and awake, and able to control the car in an emergency

Can I ride a motorcycle or motor scooter on a public surface street with my Class C learner's permit?

It is illegal to ride a motorcycle even in a parking lot without a motorcycle learner’s permit or license. If you do, you may be cited and have your motorcycle impounded (private property does not apply).

Can I take my Behind-the-Wheel lessons in my own car?

No. All of the first 6 hours of driving lessons must be provided by a licensed driving instructor in a dual controlled training vehicle.

If I am stopped by a police officer, who gets the ticket, me or the supervising adult?

You. The driver of any vehicle is always responsible for violations while driving.

With a Learner's Permit, can I drive large trucks?

You can drive vehicles up to 26,000 gross vehicle weight. Not for hire, and no air brakes.

Can I drive vehicles that do not belong to me or my parents/legal guardians?

Maybe. You must have your parent’s permission to drive the vehicle, and the vehicle must be have active registration and insurance.