Online Driver’s Education


Califronia DMV Approved

This course was created to be  convenient and captivating for students; our online program includes interactive tools and videos to keep you  engaged while learning during your time in our classes.

When you register for our online drivers education, you can choose your own password and username and gain access to our online drivers education.

Upon successful completion of the driver education course, we will send the original certificate of completion to you. Your fee for the course includes the entire class and the completion certificate.

Taking the Classes

This course is divided into 10 chapters, with video interaction and video clips throughout all of them. Once you finish each chapter you will have a short quiz to test your knowledge. You must get a mandatory 75% to move to the next chapter. When you pass the quiz, you will be able to save your score. If you missed too many questions, you will be able to go back and read over the material and retake the quiz. The computer will grade the tests and you will know immediately if you have passed.

Course Map

Driving is Your Responsibility

  1. Drivers License: A Privilege
  2. Obeying the Laws
  3. Importance of Driver’s Education
  4. The New Cellular Phone Laws
  5. Smoke-Free Cars
  6. History of the Automobile

Rules of the Roads and Safe Driving Practices

  1. Defensive Driving
  2. Basic Speed Law
  3. Proper Lane Use
  4. Safe Driving Practices: Intersections
  5. Safe Driving Practices: Passing
  6. Backing Up, Parallel Parking, Three-Point Turn

The Human Factors Affecting the Driver

  1. The Eyes and Vision
  2. The Ears and Hearing
  3. Other Limiting Physical Conditions
  4. Essential Attitudes
  5. Undesirable Driving Behaviors

Sharing the Road and Accident Prevention

  1. Tips for Sharing the Road When Driving
  2. Causes of Accidents: Overview
  3. Factors that Cause Accidents
  4. Mechanical Failure: Causes and Prevention
  5. Roadway: Causes and Prevention
  6. Vehicle Safety Features Applications

Natural Forces Affecting the Automobile

  1. Gravity
  2. Inertia and Energy
  3. Momentum and Friction
  4. Centrifugal Force

Alcohol and Drugs and Driving

  1. Alcohol as a Drug
  2. Alcohol and the Human Body
  3. Effects of Alcohol on the Body Organs
  4. Identifying Drunk Drivers
  5. Alternatives to Drinking and Driving
  6. Drugs
  7. DUI Laws

Signs, Signals and Highway Markings

  1. Traffic Signs: Shapes and Colors
  2. Traffic Control Signs
  3. Traffic Regulatory Signs
  4. Highway and Road Markings
  5. Curb Markings

Licensing, Registration and California Vehicle Codes

  1. Licensing
  2. Registration
  3. California Vehicle Codes

The Vehicle Systems

  1. Construction of the Automobile
  2. The Steering Wheel and Dashboard
  3. The Windshield and Mirrors
  4. Car Safety Equipment
  5. Vehicle Maintenance
  6. Owning and Operating Cost and Safety Measures

Acquiring a California Driver's License

  1. Process in Obtaining a California Driver’s License
  2. California License Class
  3. Other Licensing Information
  4. California Identification Card

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will issue the certificate of completion once I finish the course?

Budget Driving School of Imperial County issues all certificates, regardless of where you are located in California. They are sent via First Class U.S. Mail (3-5 postal days generally).

How old must I be to start taking driver education classes?

There is no age requirement for the diver’s education. However, you cannot take the DMV permit test until you are at least 15 and 1/2 years old

Is it possible to obtain a learner's permit without taking a driver education class?

You may apply for a learner’s permit at the age of 17 and 1/2 without driver’s education, but you will not be issued a license until you either take a driver education course or turn 18 years of age.

Why can't I login to my online drivers education course account?

You may have forgotten to log out. Simply close and re-open your browser.

Why is the online course on a different website/address than

Don’t worry. Both websites are owned and operated by Budget Driving School of Imperial County, and are safe to use.

What requirements are needed to use the online course?

You need an internet connection and your browser should not be blocking web cookies while you use the service.

Can I take online courses on my phone?

The course was not made with mobile devices in mind. Some parts may not work. We recommend you use a computer instead.